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What are Zonal Templates?
Zonal Templates make real time data capture possible
Enjoy the excitement and thrill of it each and every time!
Our proprietary Zonal Templates are customized merchant-specific data capture
algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technology.
Zonal Templates can extract precise data from your documents in real time
(even line items, quantity, price, amount, where possible).

Zonal Templates are integrated with Scanov and our unique data capture engine OCRIN.
In order to provide accurate data capture services, we build new templates
whenever we encounter new receipts or invoices whose formats
are not within our pool of templates.

You can even request free Zonal Template service within Scanov! How?
Whenever you see the need to improve data capture in your “Capture Screen”,
simply click on “GENERATE TEMPLATE” and Zonald will swing into action!
Not only will Zonald generate a new template but it will also
auto-correct the data in your “Capture Screen!

As time goes by, our rich pool of Zonal Templates
expands and improves so you get a better
user experience each time you use Scanov.