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Is Scanov Perfect?

There is no perfect automatic data capture system in the world;
no Optical Character Recognition (OCR) machines can match the human mind,
especially when quality of text is faint or almost illegible.

However, no human mind can match Scanov's speed of data capture
when properly configured with our proprietary Zonal Templates.
It can extract data in seconds with 99% accuracy in most cases.

When you upload a document and you see data capture is not optimal,
simply click on GENERATE TEMPLATE in the Capture Screen.
We’ll create Zonal Templates for your document at no cost to you!

Businesses today use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools
like Scanov to save tremendous amounts of time & money.
And good RPA tools don't cost you anything when
you factor in cost reductions and time savings.
Scanov uses Machine Learning (ML), so it gets better with time.