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Features for All Plans

Export to QuickBooks Online: Scanov's bi-directional integration with QuickBooks Online provides the best user experience since the data that needs to be shared is on both systems; this synchronization increases consistency, accuracy and it creates a seamless user experience. This makes it very easy to sync and export your data and images to QuickBooks Online. Each Scanov user gets a private repository for his company documents, and therefore Scanov connects to only one QuickBooks account at a time.

Unused Docs Never Expire If you don't fully use up your monthly quota of receipts and invoices, they automatically carry forward and accumulate! So you get what you pay for, and you never lose your document credits as long as you maintain your subscription!

Free Zonal Templates: We create free permanent Zonal Templates for merchants whose receipts or invoices are not present in our vast pool of templates. Zonal Templates are data capture parsing algorithms which allow you to capture finer details, including individual line items with QTY, PRICE and AMOUNT where possible. If your data capture results are not optimal, simply click on a button in the footer which says "GENERATE TEMPLATE" and your friendly cyborg “Zonald” will swing into action. Not only will Zonald create a permanent template for your merchant-specific invoice or receipt, it will also AUTO-CORRECT the data in your capture screen. Two birds with one click! Initially this takes a little time, but once a template has been created, receipts or invoices from that particular merchant will always come out with proper data extraction in real-time!

No Capture/No Fee! Satisfaction Guaranteed! When you click on “GENERATE TEMPLATE” (as described above), and we are unable to create a template for you, the document will be free for you, but you can still edit and export the image – so you win both ways. Sometimes the results will not be perfect due to either poor image quality or other reasons, but rest assured we'll keep on improving our Zonal algorithms to give you the best possible user experience.

Crop, Deskew & Refine: Scanov magically transforms the raw image or email into a beautiful grayscale PDF file, fully cropped, deskewed, refined and compressed to around 5% of its original file size; believe it or not! Now you have a clean sharp lightweight document which never fades!

Permanent Repository: Scanov stores the image and text record in a permanent secure repository which you can access 24/7 from anywhere. In most countries digital images of invoices and receipts are accepted by tax authorities (please check with yours to verify). No more paper clutter! Go paperless and recycle; save some trees!