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Frequently Asked Questions

At SCANOV we are committed to providing you with exceptional support! Please review our frequently asked questions (FAQs) below. If you need more help, please contact us via email support@scanov.com we'll be happy to assist you! Together, we are here to help you get going with SCANOV!
Scanov is an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) data capture engine which allows you to effortlessly capture and export data and image of your invoice or receipt into QuickBooks Online. It is fully integrated with QuickBooks Online with its Single Sign-On (SSO) feature. It’s the first web-based real-time data capture system in the accounting world, so unlike other systems, Scanov processes your data in seconds and you see results immediately.
You save nearly 80% in data entry time; you see results instantly – no waiting;  you get high  accuracy by eliminating human errors; you get increased privacy and security (no offshore eyeballs doing manual entry); you get full document management workflow  from paper to archive; you get a permanent repository. In the end, you save so much time and money that you never actually have to pay for Scanov when you factor in the net gain; so you have nothing to lose at the end of the day because you win both ways – you get speed and you reduce your costs dramatically. It’s really a no-brainer.
  • Real-time data capture – no waiting; paper to data in seconds.
  • Total privacy and security – no human eyeballs do your data entry
  • Deep integration with QuickBooks
  • Multi-user multi-company features
  • Manage unlimited companies from single sign-on
  • Unique imaging system instantly crops, deskews and compresses
  • Customized templates for line item extraction
  • Permanent repository & document management
  • Many other features too numerous to mention…
We recommend you use high-speed scanners which can handle both receipts and invoices. But you can also take pictures of your documents with your smart phone camera. When taking pictures, put your receipt or invoice on a flat surface and make sure the lighting is good. If it is a long receipt, you can take its picture diagonally and Scanov will automatically deskew it!
You can upload your receipts and invoices directly from the dashboard screen or from the Inbox screen. Another way is to take a picture of your invoice or receipt with your mobile phone and email it to invoices@scanov.com or receipts@scanov.com (make sure you email these from your sign up email address).  Our system will extract data from these items and deliver the results to your Inbox within seconds. You can also send your e-receipts or e-invoices to the same email addresses.
For each upload we recommend a maximum of ten at a time for smoother processing, but you can keep repeating uploads one after the other in sets of 10.
Currently our system accepts JPG, PNG and PDF format for uploads, but you can send e-receipts to invoices@scanov.com or receipts@scanov.com 
Currently our system limits the file size of a receipt or invoice to 5 MB each; so for 10 files it would be a total of 50MB at a time.
Receipts and invoices are processed differently, so they have to be uploaded from their own respective buttons or emails.
Emails without attachments are treated as e-receipts (such as ones from Amazon). Simply forward them (without any attachments) to invoices@scanov.com or receipts@scanov.com and our system will convert them to PDF. When you said emails with attachments, the body of the email is ignored and only the attached documents are processed. You can attached up to ten receipts or invoices in a single email.
Because Scanov is a real-time system with no human eyeballs involved, there might be errors when it processes new formats from vendors which are not in our system. When you see such errors, simply press “CREATE ZONAL TEMPLATE” or “REFINE ZONAL TEMPLATE” in your “Capture Screen” and your friendly cyborg Zonald will swing into action to create a permanent template for the respective vendor’s receipt or invoice format. This takes some time initially, but once the template is done, all your receipts or invoices from that particular merchant will automatically process in seconds with a high degree of accuracy
Scanov is extremely accurate when quality of images are good and templates are set up correctly, but there will be occasions when the data capture is not perfect. In that case, you may have to do a little editing yourself, but it is usually not too hard. This is a small price you pay for speed, privacy and security. Why is it worth the price? Because when your receipts and invoices are sent to third-party offshore centers for processing, you lose privacy and security; you don’t who is looking at you data. You really don’t want any human eyeballs looking at your valuable financial documents. This is one of the key reasons why Scanov is now the preferred method for data capture.  The point made is that no matter which system you use, slow or fast, you have to verify if the data captured was correct before exporting it to any accounting system. So now comes the argument: why bother with slower systems when you can do the same with a real-time system such a Scanov which preserves your data privacy?
Simply click on the familiar "Sign in with Intuit" button on our website when you sign up or sign in and you'll be instantly connected, even if you are a new user. Scanov has been published on QuickBooks Apps.com with a single sign-on (SSO) implementation. This means you have to sign in only once with your Intuit credentials instead of having to sign in to both Scanov and your QuickBooks Online account. This allows you to directly sign into Scanov without being prompted to create a new account or password on Scanov. Even for a free trial of Scanov, you can sign in with your Intuit credentials by clicking on "Sign in with Intuit" button on our website! However, if you prefer to sign up with separate credentials for Scanov, you can still get Scanov connected with QuickBooks Online by clicking on “Connect to QuickBooks” inside Scanov.
  • QuickBooks Online Plus version allows imports of receipts and invoices from Scanov.
  • QuickBooks Essentials version allows imports of receipts and invoices from Scanov.
  • QuickBooks Simple Start version allows imports of only receipts from Scanov (not invoices).
  • QuickBooks Online Self-Employed version does not allow imports from Scanov since there no API support for it. However you can still use Scanov to store your receipts and invoices in a safe permanent repository.
Like hand in glove. Scanov is deeply integrated with QuickBooks online that it enables you to see relevant dropdown lists of your Account Codes, Vendors, Items, Locations, and Classes within Scanov and makes it easy for you to quickly sync your documents with QuickBooks Online in a matter of a few clicks!
Sorry not at the moment; but the good news is that we are working on it, and soon Scanov will be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop as well!
Yes, we plan to integrate with Xero, Sage and other popular accounting systems in the future.
Of course you can manually edit the extracted data displayed on our capture screen.  This comes in very handy when source documents are crumpled or faded and our OCR fails to correctly extract data.
Yes, by placing an invisible OCR layer on top of the document, we make text on them selectable! This allows you to simply highlight, drag & drop any text from the image panel to your form panel in the Capture Screen!
After you have checked and accepted your data in your "Capture Screen", simply click on "Sync with QuickBooks" button on the bottom right of the page and you'll be taken to the "Export Screen". Here, Scanov provides dropdown lists of your Account Codes, Vendors, Items, Locations, and Classes so you can quickly sync your documents with QuickBooks Online with just a few clicks! Next, you simply click on "Export to QuickBooks" button on the bottom right of your Export Screen and you're done! Scanov gives you the fastest possible path from paper to data to QuickBooks!
Yes, you can store them in Scanov without ever having to export them to QuickBooks!
Our data entry is not outsourced; it's fully automated; there is no human involvement at all, so your data is always kept private and secure. Our proprietary data capture system OCRIN can interpret key elements dynamically, but with our proprietary Zonal Templates, we can make data capture even more precise and granular, extracting even line-items details such as Item Name, Description, Quantity, Price, and Amount.
Scanov runs in a Private Cloud on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the most secure cloud operations in the world. Its data center and network architecture is built to meet the requirements of even the most security-sensitive organizations such as banks, and as such we have bank-level security in place. Your data is fully backed up across several AWS regions so you never have to worry about losing it. Your receipts and invoices are stored on a system which has 99.999999999% of durability and 99.99% of availability in a given year. It fully supports SSL encryption of data in transit and at rest.
Please note, for inventory tracking, you have to use QuickBooks Online Plus version.
Scanov, in many cases, can extract line item details from your supplier bills and help you export them to QuickBooks. By default, Scanov places all line items in the “Account Details” section; however, if the line items are inventory related, you can move them to “Item Details” section with a single click on the double-down arrow!  Then, in the Item Details section, sync with your Products & Services from the drop downs in Scanov, and finally export to QuickBooks. 
QuickBooks makes it easy to handle your inventory; see what's in stock and what's on order.
  • View your quantities on hand : When you buy and sell products, your inventory quantities are automatically updated, making it easy to see what’s selling and what to reorder.
  • Get real-time inventory valuation : Inventory values are automatically adjusted in your balance sheet as you go about your day.
  • Stay on top of purchase orders : Keep track of what you’ve ordered from each vendor. Organize contact information for multiple vendors in one place to make reordering easier.
In most cases, when a Zonal Template has been successfully created for a particular supplier’s invoice, line items will be extracted automatically. However, there will be occasions when the format or quality of the invoice is such that even Zonal Template may not able to extract line items from them.
If you are the Master Administrator of the account, you can invite up to two accountants!
Yes we do! Company users and Accountants can access Scanov concurrently! To protect data integrity, we have implemented a locking mechanism whereby if one user is updating a record, another user cannot touch it until the previous user has closed that document.
Yes you can! For example, if you have been invited to several Scanov company accounts, you can access them one by one from a single sign on! In other words, you can switch between companies in seconds without having to sign out and sign in again! You’ll find a “Switch Company” button in the Dashboard screen as well as in the company drop down.
First of all, the Dashboard tells you if you are connected to QuickBooks or not; if you are not connected, it gives you the opportunity to connect with a click of a button. Second, it gives you a summary of receipts and invoices in your inboxes by status (NEW, DRAFT, ACCEPTED, EXPORTED). Third, Dashboard contains our famous “SWITCH BUTTON” whereby you can switch from one company to another instantly). Fourth, it shows the name of your current company and subscription plan on Scanov’s side as well as on QuickBook’s side (when both sides are the same, it confirms that you are connected correctly with QuickBooks).
Breadcrumbs is our quick navigation system that shows your location in Scanov. The term breadcrumbs came from the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale in which the main characters create a trail of breadcrumbs in order to track back to their house. In Scanov the navigation trial is limited to just four pages: DASHBOARD>INBOX>CAPTURE>EXPORT. You will find this useful navigation system on the top left of your screen as soon as you enter the Inbox page.
Master Administrator in Scanov is typically the one who initially sign up for Scanov account. He is responsible for managing company settings, company profile, users, accountants, subscriptions and payment method. He is the only one authorized to invite other users and accountants to a given Scanov account.
Only the current Master Administrator can make this change. When signed in as the Master Administrator, the “Transfer Master Administrator” button appears on the Manage Users page. The new Master Administrator must be an active user of the given Scanov account with an email account.
Zonald is our proprietary Zonal Templates generator! This magic allows us to create permanent “merchant” templates for varying formats of receipts and invoices within minutes. How does this benefit you? While our Dynamic Algos can capture key data elements from most receipts, Zonal Templates are designed to capture more details, including line items. We can create templates for new merchants within minutes.
Our proprietary Zonal Templates are customized data capture algorithms which can extract precise data, where possible, from your receipts and invoices (such as line items, quantity, price, amount etc). Zonal Templates are integrated with our unique data capture engine OCRIN. In order to provide accurate data capture service, we build new templates (at no cost to users) whenever we encounter new receipts or invoices whose formats are not within our pool of templates. So as time goes by, our service gets better and better.
When you see any error in your “Capture Screen”, simply click on a button in the footer which says “CREATE ZONAL TEMPLATE” or “REFINE ZONAL TEMPLATE” and Zonald will start working on your request. When the template is done, you’ll be notified. From then onwards, receipts or invoices from that particular merchant will always come out with proper data extraction.
Everyone gets a 30-day free trial without requiring a credit card!
We accept PayPal, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Venmo, Bitcoin, and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club. We do this via PayPal’s world-class Braintree service which includes sophisticated fraud protection.
Your subscription cycle begins when you buy the plan, and renews every 30-31 days depending on the month and how many days it has. For example, if you begin your plan on December 25, your cycle will renew on January 25.
This is because your paid plan will renew every month unless you cancel your subscription before your billing cycle renews.
Yes! Unless you cancel your subscription before your billing cycle renews, you will automatically be charged for the next month.
Absolutely! You are free to upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time based on your needs. If you downgrade your subscription, the new plan will be applied at the end of your current billing period.
To cancel your subscription, go on your subscription page, and click the "Cancel my subscription" link at the bottom of the page.
No. You'll have access to the subscription and what it has to offer until the end of your subscription month.